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Our Major Services :

PIC Grants (Productivity and Innovation Credits) in Singapore

In House Training in Singapore

On Job Training (OJT) in Singapore

Website Claim in Singapore

Biometric in Singapore

POS System (Point Of Sales System) in Singapore

CCTV Claim in Singapore

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At KH Business Advisory, we look to link business to business, people to people by providing innovative solutions with a strong emphasis on integrity, humility and tradition.

Our focus into PIC Grants, CCTV Claim, POS System, Biometric, Website Claim, In House Training, On Job Training, Pic scheme in Singapore.


We believe that by choosing our thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain is the key to maintain a long working relationship with our clients.


We are not thinking less of ourselves, we are thinking of ourselves less.


We believe a business tradition is part of a business value to our clients. We look to innovate yet not forgetting our clients’ values.

Specializing On Consultation Of

In house training in Singapore

Business Start Up Services

We believe in paramount services to you in serving up your needs to your business. Having professional knowledge on the process how businesses will go through in Singapore, we are able to guide and consult you into a smooth journey of fulfilling you dream startups. All aspects of your businesses will be taken care of as we have adequate resources to ensure you can concentrate on the main scope of your business.

We offer wide range of CCTV Claims and Website Claim services in Singapore. We are Singapore's Preferred service providers for PIC Grant,PIC scheme, In house training, OJT training, CCTV claim, Website claim, POS System and Biometric Solutions. We're committed to helping you on Grants for construction companies, Grants for construction projects, Grants for equipment, Construction loans in Singapore.

Internal Work Process & OJT Formulation

Planning and documentation of internal work process is necessary for knowledge management in any company. This save time, money and training efforts for anyone who is welcomed onboard. It is essential that management knows the standard operating procedures of every departments, so that the company will be robust in all areas and is ready for vertical and horizontal expansion.

Every one of the one-day courses conveyed via KH Business Advisory can be facilitated as an in house training course, at your places. You and your staff do not to come to us – rather, our well trainers come to you, conveying a training occasion in-house.

KH Business Advisory offers in house training courses over our center scope of administration and leadership learning. Training days are accessible as a feature of a mixed learning arrangement.

We expert in the following Trainings:

  • In house training in Singapore
  • OJT in Singapore
  • In house training pic in Singapore
  • OJT pic in Singapore
OJT Pic in Singapore
In house training pic in Singapore

Government Grants

We are able to consult and access you and your companies if you are eligible to apply for any government grants which allows you to increase your productivity, saving you time and money in the long run.

We specialise in applying the following grants:

  • Productivity and Innovation Credits (PIC)
  • Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV)
  • Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF)
  • 2 stage Innovation grant (iGrant)

The PIC Grant endeavor to urge more organizations to receive the PIC scheme by putting resources into innovation and productivity. Organizations that spend for a base measure of $400 in PIC exercises in a year will get the chance to get 60% of the expense in real money refund from IRAS PIC or 400% assessment finding.

We have some expertise in applying :

  • PIC Grant in Singapore
  • Training Grants in Singapore
  • Grants for construction companies in Singapore
  • Grants for equipment in Singapore

Customary Business without website vicinity are losing to other organization that got their own particular website. Have you ever thought that by spending SGD $1000.00 ($1500 secured by PIC Grant Scheme), you can really pick up clients for your business through the web. With your Business up on the Internet, you can print your web location to your name card and keep your client redesigned through the web on your late advancements, occasions and items. We are the master for making and keeping up Websites that rank well in Google Singapore.

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